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After contacting the Speech Language Therapist for a language or communication issue, the first step is an assessment. This assessment starts with a conversation and/or questionnaires. Next, formal tests and informal evaluation are offered to identify language strengths and weaknesses.

The Speech Language Therapist will analyse the results and provide you with a diagnosis. Further diagnostic examinations may be recommended, such as sight and hearing tests. If the assessment shows it will be useful, the therapist will offer you a personal treatment plan.

Evaluations bilans Assessments

Speech Language Therapy intervention is always customized and, most of the time, one to one. Parents/caregivers are involved as much as possible. For very young children the SLT will work with the parents/caregivers rather than the child.

Treatment sessions usually last half an hour and happen weekly. They may continue for several weeks and may happen over several years, with intervals, depending on the depth of the issue.

The Speech Language Therapist sets specific short and long-term goals for each client and uses a range of enjoyable activities to achieve those objectives.


Written language disorders: reading and/or writing issues (dyslexia, written expression and spelling difficulties),
Language and speech production impairments,
Handwriting disorders,
Mathematics and logical reasoning issues,
Voice issues,

Téléthérapie orthophonie à distance worldwide SLT

If you are out of Auckland or you prefer to be at home for Speech and Language Therapy sessions, Mot à Mots offers online telepractice. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer with microphone and speaker. 

Telepractice has been proven to be an efficient and effective way to have SLT. The process is the same: assessment followed by regular treatment sessions according to the client's needs.




Are you a teacher who regularly encounters students with learning difficulties?

Would you like to be able to better identify students with language and communication impairments?
Do you want to learn how to help children in your classroom with language and communication difficulties and support their parents?

Mot à Mots Teacher Courses are carefully designed to help classroom teachers. Teacher courses are concise, interactive and hands-on.

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You are a Speech Language Therapist/Pathologist and want to learn more about bilingualism?

Mot à Mots provides continuing education online courses about bilingualism and especially, bilingual assessment. Courses are interactive and hands-on.

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I need SLT: how does it work?

What is the cost of Speech Language Therapy assessment and intervention?

SLT assessment includes:
- assessment preparation, - travel to your place or your child's school if required, - interview with you and questionnaire analysis, - testing, - qualitative and quantitative data analysis, - SLT diagnosis along with potential further recommendations, - complete written report. Fees for a comprehensive assessment: NZ$450 (due on the day). SLT intervention includes: - customized treatment plan, - travel if required, - one-to-one sessions with the patient (and/or the parents/caregivers), - regular follow-up meetings with the teachers and other professionals involved, - customized tools or games if needed, - feedback, advice and regular reports to parents/caregivers. Fees for SLT sessions (individual sessions for children): NZ$ 80 /30 minute session. NZ$ 380 /5 sessions of 30 minutes (due by the 1st session). NZ$ 740 /10 sessions of 30 minutes (due by the1st session). Fees for SLT sessions (individual sessions for teenagers or adults): NZ$ 100 /45 minute session. NZ$ 475 /5 sessions of 45 minutes (due by the 1st session). NZ$ 925 /10 sessions of 45 minutes (due by the1st session). Fees for parenting coaching (babies and toddlers): Customized program (generally between 7 and 10 sessions over 2 to 3 months). Between NZ$ 1250 and NZ$ 1750 /1h to 1h30 session (due by the first session in 1 or 2 installments).

My child needs Speech and Language Therapy: what is the process?

Bilan orthophonique Please, contact Mot à mots by phone, email or a message through Messenger. You will be given an appointment at a convenient date, time and place (your home, at Mot à Mots' office or online). The first meeting will be an assessment:

  • a conversation with the Speech Language Therapist (SLT) to describe the situation and/or complete a questionnaire.
  • you (or your child) will be tested to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • after analyzis of data, your SLT will share her diagnosis with you.
If required, the SLT will recommend further examinations and/or an SLT treatment.

An SLT assessment has confirmed my child needs intervention: what does it mean?

Thérapie orthophonie The Speech Language Therapist may recommend your child has customized and one-to-one sessions, once or twice a week, or sometimes once a month. These sessions usually last half an hour and can take place at home, at school, at the SLT's office or online. Treatment may last from a few weeks to several years, (with breaks!). Each situation is unique... The duration of treatment is jointly decided by you and the SLT.

I've got a problem...

I am worried about my child's language. What should I do?

Doute langage oral Call Mot à Mots as soon as possible to share your concerns with the Speech Language Therapist and get free advices.

My child's speech in not fluent, he repeats some words and hesitates a lot; I feel like his speech is far less fast than his thoughts... What can I do?

Your child may stutter. Stuttering is highly variable and depends on the interlocutors, the state of tiredness and tension... You may think one day it's over, but it's more than likely that it will come back in the next days or months. This invading and destructive communication issue will increase along with your child's growing up and his personality will seriously be impacted. It is of an absolute urgency that you step up and consult a Speech Language Therapist.
Mot à Mots has been trained and is experienced with stuttering treatment.

My two and a half son only says a few words, I am worried. Shall I consult the Speech and Language Therapist?

Retard langage At that age, most of the children already speak quite well with many words. It may be a simple delay, but it's advised you contact the Speech and Language Therapist, who may provide you with some specific adaptions in your communication with your child, to support his language development. Anyway, prevention is far better than the wait and see attitude, which allows a potential delay to increase. So call Mot à Mots right now!

My voice has been regularly hoarse and sometimes, I can't even talk... What can I do?

Dysphonie The voice is an essential tool to communicate, thus one need to take care of it. But sometimes, you don't use it properly and the less it's working, the harder you try, in an attempt to stay efficient enough. But this is vicious circle! Don't wait for it and ask Mot à Mots, for your Speech Language Therapist to help you using your voice in a safe and always efficient way.


I need advice related to bilingualism: where can I get information?

Bilinguisme Contact Mot à mots, of course! Your Speech Language Therapist, a bilingualism specialist, will be more than happy to help you.

My husband and I, don't speak the same mother tong: which language should we speak with our two young children?

Famille bilingue It is strongly advised that each of you speaks his/her mother tong with the children. This gives the children strong and reliable verbal models which means they learn the language correctly and have an authentic accent. In addition, your mother tong is naturally the language of emotions, and also passes down your cultural background. When couples don't stare a mother tong, they can learn some of the other's language along with the children, and usually gain competence in, at least, understanding the new language too.

SLT Telepractice

We don't live in Auckland, but our child needs Speech and Language treatment. How does telepractice work?

Téléorthophonie All you need is a computer with a microphone and a speaker, and a good internet connection. You will join the online meeting room at an agreed time and date for a trial session that is also an opportunity to get to know one another. Another appointment will be set up for the assessment and you will receive questionnaires to complete by email. The next meeting is another video conference, that allows for sharing of documents, and use of white board etc. Assessment and treatment sessions are to be paid in advance through bank transfer or Paypal. This is a highly efficient way to receive SLT - there is no travel time and your sessions happen in the comfort of your home.

Témoignage papa

Romain, dad

My three and a half old son has a language delay. After seeing an English-speaking Speech Language Therapist, he had a session with Cécile.

My wife and I were impressed by how easy it was for Cécile to gain our son's trust.

Her advice, which matched the advice we got from Auckland Hospital doctors, has been particularly precious because it came from a bilingual Speech Language Therapist to a bilingual child.

Cécile's gentleness, her accurate advice and reassuring words immediately helped the way we felt about our son's language delay and improved his communication.

Témoignage Sophie

Sophie, mum

I couldn't have imagined how efficient and fast results from Speech Language Therapy could be.

Aged five and a half, my daughter Louise had a persistent pronunciation issue .

She saw Cécile three times. From the first session, we noticed Louise was keen to complete the fun exercises given by Cécile and consciously self-corrected.


Thank you, Cécile, for your sweet nature which was, perfect for supporting our daughter and for your enthusiasm and expertise.

Ania, teacher

I have been lucky enough to know Cécile for many years, and thanks to her, I've improved the way I work with my students who have special needs.

Cécile has provided me with support, advice and strategies to know how to help children with dyslexia or other language impairments.

She also offers professional training for teachers, to better identify speech and language difficulties, so that we can put families in contact with a specialist as soon as possible.

[...] I have seen many children working with Cécile, and they always make progress while working in a positive, interesting and fun way.

If you are a teacher, do not hesitate to contact Cécile [...].

If you have a child with learning difficulties, Cécile is a bilingualism specialist whom you can totally trust.

Témoignage Karine

Karine, mum

Both my son and my daughter have received support from Cécile, one for pronunciation and phonetics issues, the other for dyslexia.

They both made lightening progress, gained renewed self-confidence and stopped defining themselves by their difficulties.

Therapy was seen as a support, not an obligation.


Thank you, Cécile, for giving my children back their smile!