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Romain, dad

My three and a half old son has a language delay. After seeing an English-speaking Speech Language Therapist, he had a session with Cécile.

My wife and I were impressed by how easy it was for Cécile to gain our son's trust.

Her advice, which matched the advice we got from Auckland Hospital doctors, has been particularly precious because it came from a bilingual Speech Language Therapist to a bilingual child.

Cécile's gentleness, her accurate advice and reassuring words immediately helped the way we felt about our son's language delay and improved his communication.

Sophie, mum

I couldn't have imagined how efficient and fast results from Speech Language Therapy could be.

Aged five and a half, my daughter Louise had a persistent pronunciation issue .

She saw Cécile three times. From the first session, we noticed Louise was keen to complete the fun exercises given by Cécile and consciously self-corrected.


Thank you, Cécile, for your sweet nature which was, perfect for supporting our daughter and for your enthusiasm and expertise.

Ania, teacher

I have been lucky enough to know Cécile for many years, and thanks to her, I've improved the way I work with my students who have special needs.

Cécile has provided me with support, advice and strategies to know how to help children with dyslexia or other language impairments.

She also offers professional training for teachers, to better identify speech and language difficulties, so that we can put families in contact with a specialist as soon as possible.

[...] I have seen many children working with Cécile, and they always make progress while working in a positive, interesting and fun way.

If you are a teacher, do not hesitate to contact Cécile [...].

If you have a child with learning difficulties, Cécile is a bilingualism specialist whom you can totally trust.

Karine, mum

Both my son and my daughter have received support from Cécile, one for pronunciation and phonetics issues, the other for dyslexia.

They both made lightening progress, gained renewed self-confidence and stopped defining themselves by their difficulties.

Therapy was seen as a support, not an obligation.


Thank you, Cécile, for giving my children back their smile!



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