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Your child's language doesn't develop as expected: is it a language disorder ?

Have you recently have your child's hearing tested ?
Does your child have frequent ear infections? Does he usually speak loudly? Does he ask people to repeat what they've said? Does he seem dreamy?
Do people who don't see your child everyday, have trouble understanding what he says?
Does your child finger point what he is talking about? (or used to do it when younger?)
According to his age, do you think your child's sentences are long enough? Has he started to combine 2 or more words around 2 years of age?
Have you noticed many grammatical errors? For example, a very few words like "because, of, with..", no or wrong verb endings and plurals...
If your child is 3 or more, does he use the "I" pronoun?
Do you feel like your child's language development has slowed down or even stopped?
Does he understand your instructions?
Is it challenging for him to relate some recent and simple events?
Do you think your child's vocabulary is too small? (If he is bilingual, please consider the words he knows if BOTH languages)

You will get the results within 48h. Thank you.

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