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Your child has reading and/or writing difficulties: is it dyslexia?

Has your child had a recent eye examination ?
As far as you know, is there someone dyslexic in the family ?
How long has your child been learning to read and write ?
Does he learn reading and writing in more than one language ?
Does he know pretty well the alphabet(s)? (name of the letters and the matching sounds: i.e. letter S = sss sound and zzz sound).
Is learning poems, additions and times tables challenging ?
Does your child happen to have difficulties reading a word read very recently, in the same sentence or paragraph, for example ?
Are complex written forms difficult to read or recognize (such as -tion, ain, ea, -ght...) ?
Does he need a lot of time and efforts to read and/or write ?
Does he write the letters in the wrong order, and/or does he omit some ?
Does he mix up some letters or sounds, while reading or writing?

You will get the results within 48h. Thank you.

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